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-- F.A.Q.

-- F.A.Q. --

What is it? 

StageOne is a pre-seed acceleration program designed to take you from the initial stage of your idea or product to the full realization as a Startup.

How is it done? 

You and your team will be coached by experts through the basic process of Startup development, including business model and concept, marketing, IP, tech, MVP, and other factors.


Do I need a team to begin the program? 

No, but as the saying goes, ‘No Man is an Island’ – and it’s hard to run every part of a startup on your own. We will assist you in recruiting other team members as quickly as possible, so you can have the best chance of success.

Do I need any special expertise or training to enter the program? 

You do not necessarily need business or technical experience. However, you (and your team) are expected to have some related experience in the area you wish to develop your idea in, for example:
• You are a musician and a sound engineer who want to make an app that tells you when your guitar strings need changing;
• You are an English teacher that wants to develop interactive Fairy Tales for deaf children;
• You are a Veterinarian who has patented a new design for animal nail clippers.

What happens during the program? 

StageOne lasts 14 weeks, beginning with intake & preparatory periods (pre-acceleration) where we evaluate your concept and help you make any necessary adjustments or knowledge-gain in order to bring you up to speed quickly. The Virtual Program though has no intake period but a rolling, year-round registration process. The full 10-week acceleration stage covers all facets of startup development and is designed to give you the training, knowledge and support you need to reach a level of readiness for incorporation as a Startup. We also cater teams that wish to follow their own pace and rythm in the virtual acceleration option. For those we provide our services with a meetings frequency arranged by them. The virtual meetings are “One on One” so your team gets our full attention.

How does it End? 

StageOne culminates in a Demo Day where you pitch in front of investors and experts (as well as your friends, family and fans), for the chance at investment and/or incubation in order to continue to grow your venture. There is no Demo Day in the Virtual Program.

What does it cost, and How can I finance it?

The program ( on-site and virtual) has a cost of 700 euros/team + VAT (if applicable), payable in 2 stages. The payment covers the costs of your participation as an individual or team; your team pays as it moves forward.  You don’t pay for any phase you don’t participate in. We have limited scholarships available for the “on-site” program only which you can apply for to cover the program’s cost. If you choose to participate in an open to come – free to stop – at your own pace virtual coaching, then the cost is 50 euros/virtual meeting

What do I learn? 

The program is an initial step in the process of making and running a Startup – beginning with the conception and incubation of an innovative business idea and working it through to a complete and promising concept, for pitching to possible investors. The participants will go through a rigorous concept design and coaching process that involves:

  1. Understanding and clarifying your Core Concept
  2. Forming an effective team
  3. Creation, crash-testing, assessment and reassessment of the Business Model
  4. Designing the prototype Product / Service
  5. Research into the associated technologies
  6. Product and/or service validation
  7. Writing a business and marketing plan
  8. Learning and refining pitching techniques
  9. Networking and outreach
  10. Understanding where and how to find funding sources


What are the team requirements during the program? 

Participating teams must:

  • Attend weekly meetings which feature Specialist seminars & feedback sessions;
  • Complete all tasks and preparations necessary for the optimization and realization of the venture, on time, and within relative guidelines;
  • Be ready and willing to endure the pressure of the acceleration process;
  • Be responsive, cooperative and adaptive to the challenges of the business process;
  • Contribute to a positive and progressive environment.



Who’s the crew?

  • Guides:

    Each team will be assigned a specific guide who is responsible for monitoring your weekly progress, compliance with tasks and workload execution. Guides act as your advocate if necessary, provide practical knowledge and feedback, and keep you on track.

 “these guys are the people who will be busting you every week to finish your deliverables”


  • Specialists:

    There are a number of professionals from varied areas of specialization who will conduct weekly seminars on different topics. They also serve as a source of detailed information and can be called upon for expert advice.


  • Advisory Board:

    Our AB is made up of highly-experienced entrepreneurs and professionals; they serve as evaluators and judges, and provide strategic guidance to the program. Your team can call on them when you have a really tough question about strategy or long-term issues.

“these are the folks sitting in the audience with skeptical looks, and the checkbooks.”



Sponsors & Partners

StageOne is run by Innovation Farm, in cooperation with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki.
Our financial partner is PJ Tech Catalyst Fund, a venture capital fund that invests in seed stage ICT start-up companies in Greece. They will evaluate teams during the last period, and qualified finalists will be considered for inclusion in the Quest iqBility Incubator.
We are also a Microsoft BizSpark partner, and acceptance into StageOne gives your team valuable access to all Microsoft resources and tools necessary to build your company.



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-- About

-- About --

What STAGE ONE is about?

In a few words, STAGE ONE is business accelerator. We provide a practical introduction to the planning and realization of pre-seed Entrepreneurial Ventures. The program covers these objectives:

  • Design & implement your early-stage Startup business, from concept to product
  • Gain the essential business knowledge you will need to run your business
  • Increase your creativity and motivation to build an entrepreneurial future
  • Contribute to the growing wave of positive economic change
  • Build a network of collaborators who share similar goals and experiences
  • Work Hard, Have Fun, Get Dirty!

~ 30 days

Submit your on-line application You will audition your project, and your team and concept will be evaluated by committee and provided with feedback.

~ 35 days

Basic business mechanics for startups. Teams are brought up to speed and complete their synthesis. More advanced teams will move to the next phase of the program.

  • Market Research and Proof of Concept
  • Tech/IT Trends
  • Revenue Model
  • Value Proposition & Minimum Viable Produc

~ 35 days

Full-throttle team acceleration process. You and your team will get rigorous guidance, and complete your concept for pitching.

  • Concept Plan & Product Differentiation
  • Marketing & Revenue flow
  • Product Validation
  • Intellectual Property Issues and Patent Applications
  • Negotiating with VC’s and Angel Investors
  • Presentation & Pitching guidelines and practice

~ 14 days


  • Presentation & Pitching guidelines and practice
  • Concept evaluation and alignment
  • Fine-tuning your presentation skills
  • Last prep for Demo Day.

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